Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Virgin no longer!

Think I'm gonna talk about sex? Nope... I've decided to get rid of my Virgin Mobile phone and get a normal non pay as you go package. I've had it with the whole having to top up my phone all the time and get more minutes. My phone has been sitting in my jacket all silver and happy but the thing is fucking useless unless I get myself more minutes. I'm still doing the broke thing so it's simply easier to pay a monthly bill than to scroung for money or worse wait till I've got extra money to get minutes for my phone.

Yeah I know it's kind of pathetic that I don't have enough money to top up my phone but doing the whole eating this is a bit more important to me as is having enough gas to get to work so I think I'm going to switch... I know what a momentous decision, earth shattering even. Now another evil corporation is going to get my money, here you go rogers, let me give you my business for 3 years if you give me a phone virtually for free. Thank you!