Monday, February 06, 2006

The weekend of PAIN

The weekend has come and gone and I’m more tired, more sore and much more whiney than I was on Friday. For most people the weekend is all about drinking and having fun and I did that too but never to the correct amounts! Oh and being the DD sucks cuz ya CAN”T DRINK! Why hasn’t someone invented cars that drive themselves? I could have so used that on Friday.

Now onto the explanation of the soreness… I was helping my buddy move, into a beautiful house I might add, I’m jealous of the fucker. So petty covetnous aside he decided to move the fridge into the basement of his new place and stupid me decided to help move it, now I’ve got bruises to show for it. At least I got beer and pizza (but the dumbass I am didn’t have nearly enough of either)

Finally the hockey game last night… my head met another guys shoulder, it wasn’t a pleasant conversation but at least I played a good game, hell who am I kidding I always play a great game I’m the king shit (not really but it’s healthy to have an imagination)… we tied for all those curious.

Not a very exciting weekend mostly because I had to do a great deal of stuff that sucked the life out of me but I did have some time for a few drinks here and there wherever I could sneak them. I also started working on this career manual I got from U of Waterloo, its mostly silly stuff right now but it should provide some insight into why I hate my job and what kind of jobs I could potentially like.

Ok it’s work time.