Thursday, March 02, 2006

A bit of Nostalgia

I was convinced into going to see my doctor for an anual physical and yesterday was that day. So I got up and instead of going to the office I drove to my old neighbourhood since that's where he keeps shop. I didn't know what to make of traffic so I ended up being stupidly early, like an hour early. To kill time I just drove around my old stomping ground and I've got to say I don't think I've been that nostalgic in a very long time.

I passed my old building and then drove around some of the side streets noting my friends houses and taking not of I was in this house at that time. It really made me think back to highschool and I've got to say I may have been a bit of a piss ant in highschool but I really enjoyed my life at that time. I remembered the good times, the rough times (which weren't too many thankfully), and I really remembered the carefree nature of my life back at that time. It was very uncomplicated and I didn't really realize it until yesterday it's gotten much more complicated with a lot more crap that needs doing and taking care of. I miss the days where I was at my own whim to do what I pleased within some constraints. Now it's work, bills, cooking, cleaning, and the list can go on and on.

I also started wondering about the people that I grew up with (well went to highschool with)... I know one is a news dude on one of the 24 hour news stations, I've heard that one guy ended up being a lawyer but other than that I've only run into a hanful of people from school. It's weird because now that I think about it that carefree person that I was, had more potential that I currently do. I was a bright kid, curious, and I would apply myself to the whims that captured me (never was this homework though)... I think a bit of the intensity I had in my youth is missing at least that's what it felt like standing there in my old neighbourhood.