Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fridays always seem to be good

I got up yesterday morning with the full intention of going to the career fair and then for some breakfast with my mom, then in the evening maybe to catch a movie with my GF. In other words I was expecting to be busy but not crazy busy and I was expecting the day to be ok and nothing over the top.

Well let me tell you I haven't had a day quite that busy in a very long time. Yes I did manage to make it to the career fair and I have to say that by itself was something worth seeing just by itself. People were lined up outside before I even got there then when they started letting people in a great chunk of these people ran and pretty much mobbed a couple booths at this show trying to give their resumes away. I took a slightly different approach and I started asking questions, trying to find out a bit about the companies and to find out what they were looking for. In the end I managed to talk to a couple HR people that sounded interested in me and asked for my resume and a couple hiring managers that either had openings or were expecting openings and asked for my resumes. So I'm pretty sure I've got at least one interview for next week.

The next part of the day was to meet my mom for lunch and that was nice we had some indian food. But this is were it gets interesting right after meeting with my mom I had to beeline to the north end of the city to meet with a couple guys that I had been talking for almost half a year about a possible job; they wanted to talk because I told one of them that I was out of work. Well ignoring the fact that the meeting was in the smokeyiest bar I've been in in a very long time and I'm still smelling the smoke on my skin they said they should be coming back to me with a offer in the next two weeks and ballparked the dollar figure (lets just say I'd like to make that kind of money).

Then I hurried back to meet with my gorgeous GF and we saw V for Vendeta; but my fingers are getting tired and I'll post about that later... it was really good. Ok, time to go make some coffee.