Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A good nights sleep!

Fuck I was starting to wonder if I would get a good nights sleep but last night prooved that in fact this was to be a reality again for me. Since I've gotten terminated I've been having issues falling asleep and sleeping in general. The falling asleep part was rather obvious since I was running through scenarios in my head and that was keeping me up. Last night I got fed up with myself after about half an hour of this shit and I everytime my brain headed in that direction I said to myself 'nope' and focused on nothingness or darkness.

About 5 minutes later I was gone and I'm up 6 hours later pretty much completely refreshed. I've never needed much in the way of sleep, which I'm greatful for. I was starting to get myself worried but now I know how to solve this stupidity.

I think I might actually apply for some jobs today... well maybe, I've still got some scheduled xbox playing to do.