Sunday, March 12, 2006


It's not very late being that it's only 11:40 but I've gotten used to going to sleep around 11 on school nights especially since I'm up before 7 in the morning and I actually like being coherent in the morning if not awake. But I seem to be suffering from a very nice case of . I lied there in bed for a bit over an hour before I decided to get up. Now that I'm up sitting infront of the computer typing away I realize I'm actually quite tired. Stupid brain; it's awake when I want to sleep but give it 5 minutes and now I'm tired. I know that if I go back to bed right now about the only thing that I'm going to accomplish is I'm going to lie there some more thinging. ARG! frustrating!

In other news, my computer had a melt down this weekend. The Windows 2000 operating system decided that it's done it's tour of duty with me. What that transated to is that it got all corrupt and I needed to delete the hard drive and reinstall it. Frustrating to say the least. But it's back up and running though now I've just got to install all my apps and get my old data onto it. Nothing bit but some more work.

Anyhow time to putter around the interweb for a bit and then head off and maybe sleep for a bit.