Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just had a Phone Interview

I'm totally stoked right now, I just had a phone interview and it went amazingly. The HR person seemed to think that I was a good fit and she figured I would be coming in to meet with the director for department in the next week to week and a half. The company sounds too cool for words. For all the tech people that remember the days this company sounds like a company that survived and still does all the necessary things to stay that way. Dogs are allowed into the office, there's a fooze ball table, a nap room... how amazing is that? a company that has a fucking nap room.

Here's the best part, the HR person pegged me in at the upper end of their salary range and it's close to 20K more than I was making before. How fucking cool would that be? If I got this then you better beleive I'd go buy myself a cottage! Well the land for one at least!

Fuck I'm excited by this.