Tuesday, March 14, 2006

more awake!

So as it turns out all I needed to wake up was to have two cans of coke in the span of about 15 minutes then wait an hour and have some lunch. I'm much more awake now than I was when I posted my last little note. Now for as much as I'm sure all of you really needed that update I just saw a picture on Yahoo! News I just had to put it up here.

I like my drinking holidays just like any good natured semi-alcoholic and there's just one of those fabulous little holidays coming up: . And the picture here just showes that my starting to drink by about 11 or 12 on St. Patty's day is absolutely nothing in comparison to the lunatics that needed to dye the river green. It looks very strange, especially since this was done specifically for a halmark holdiday.

Now before I upset anyone I know that this day is a real holiday for a great many Irish people around the world; it's just starting to turn into an excuse to wear green and drink fuckloads of beer - which makes it better than any other halmark or non-halmark holiday in my book.