Thursday, March 09, 2006

Passport photos - lets see how bad we can make you look!

My passport expired a few months back and since I've got this hankering to take one of those vacation things I need to get a new one. This involved getting one of those fancy forms you have to fill out, filling the damned thing out and then finally getting your photo taken. Normally I don't mind having my picture taken... never really been shy for wanting attention. But I gotta say what the fuck is up with passport photos, my last one looked bad and I'm convinced that this one is even worse. Seriously, let me smile people! I won't look that much different smiling rather than looking as if I wanted to kill someone.

I guess in a strange way it makes sense to have the picture taken without the smiling, if I'm flying somewhere they're not going to check my passport till I get off the plane, by which point I'll be pretty damned ready to throttle someone. I fly well... aka I sleep, but being 6'1" I don't fold nicely into plane or bus seats.

Ok back to doing the work thing.