Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So I'm Smoking again

Yep the very first topic of choice is the fact that I started smoking again, after a two week hiatus where I really didn't want a smoke I decided that I was going to go back to smoking. Now I know that some of the people that read my little blog semi-regularily will be a bit disappointed this was a choice more than anything else. I've been known as the guy who's rebelious and does things just cause... this is unfortunately one of them. I've decided that I'm going to go back to smoking till after my birthday. Yes I've got one of those... I hatched on April the 10th many many moons ago and I've decided that I'm going to smoke till after my birthday. A day that should remind me of a wholesome and fairly pure act will be the last day I smoke. Period. Chances are that I would have caved on that day anyways... though that's not necessarily true.

The other reason I wanted to have my birthday as the last day I smoke is because it'll actually make me think of my birthday in a positive light since I haven't liked my birthday since I was a kid. And as I mentioned above that was many moons ago.

The reason for going back is far stupider.. I was feeling left out, yes I know feeling left out of something that is bad for me, costs me lots of money, and I've never enjoyed. But that's splitting hairs [feel free to enter the holier than thou speach here].

So this was the first topic on my list of 27 things to write about, and I'm not sure if I'll get through all of them but I'm going to give it a go.