Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Taking some advice

I’ve been thinking about some of the comments that my last post generated and Southwestern Sweetheart made a great point, either get out or ignore everyone else, improve your skill set then get out. I’ve been poking around trying to find myself a job but I either need to jump up into a more managerial role (which I would like) or change what I’m doing rather drastically to keep my salary about the same. It’s a strange catch-22 since I want to leave but to do what I’m doing now not many jobs would pay me any more money; quite likely less, unless I move up in management. The problem with that is that my experience in this respect is limited (thankfully not non-existent) so to find a more senior managerial position would be a challenge since it would require that I prove I’m capable of managing a department of say 10+ people where I’ve only managed 1-3. Coming up with that proof is the hard part.

So the other option is to jump into something different, I’ve been thinking about account management but again you need to have some experience in it or in sales. There’s still a chance that I’ll get the position that I interviewed for on Friday but I’m not going to hold my breath. Anything else would just be a drastic drop in salary and I’m not in a position to do that just yet. The catch-22 comes back I need the money so I stay put, but I don’t like it here and want to leave, but positions that I want are fairly highly paid and not a dime a dozen; it’s a frustrating position to be in and that’s not including the frustrations of the office itself.

I think I’m going to take the advice I was given, ignore everyone else and improve my skill set; I’m sure there’s a way to get this done. Any one have any thoughts on the best way to approach this? Anyone out there a vocational specialist that might help me? I guess the first step is to figure out some goals, set them and go do them… gotta get that done before I have my annual performance appraisal.