Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Topics Galore

The sun is shining and its absolutely beautiful outside so I decided that I wanted to go sit on the patio of the local bar for lunch and have a beer and some food. Well just so this sojourn wasn't completely dull and unproductive (staring at cars coming up Yonge street will only keep me interested for so long) I decided that I was going to come up with some topics that I wanted to blog about.

So before I was done my beer and before any form of food arrived I had a list of 24 topics that I wanted to write about (not bad for about 10 minutes of time). Now this sadly isn't one of those topics though I should probably add it to the list. I was going to write a post earlier this morning but my befuddled brain couldn't come up with anything to say now I'm going to have to pick and choose through the topics, assuming more don't come up in the mean time.

You know how I said the list was 24 items long?, well it's now 27 and I'm sure that if I don't stop myself pretty soon I might end up with so many topics that I won't be able to ever get through them. No one can ever convince me that beer isn't a great mental lubricant!