Thursday, March 09, 2006

Use it or loose it!

I stumbled onto an interesting article from the Guardian () that states if you use your brain and live a healthy lifestyle your brain will work better and you’ll become cleverer. Ok aside from the obvious I didn’t think that the impact would be quite that significant. I know that when I don’t really use my brain all that much it kind of goes into a funk and I’m slow to pick things up. I guess the perfect example for me was with the silly little Sudoku puzzles, I used take longer solving the medium-hard ones than I do now, but the biggest thing for me was the fact that I don’t make any scribbles on the side of the page or on the puzzle in a lot of cases anymore. So I guess it lends some credence to the article.

Now about that eating healthier and not drinking too much…. Let’s not go overboard here people. I enjoy my greasy food and having some booze… actually come to think of it I probably drink too much but I’m not going down that road right now. I’m still struggling with the smoking thing.

OK back to the article, you know it’s good to know that you can make changes that will make you cleverer, it just means that with a bit of effort you can rise to the occasion so to speak and be smarter about what you do.

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