Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Birthday Blahs

My birthday is coming up next monday and I'm totally blahed out about it. For some reason I always seem to get down about my birthday and I have for a good many years now; I simply don't enjoy celebrating the fact that I'm getting older. Now don't get me wrong I tend to celebrate my birthday with some gusto but that's normally just on the evening we go out. I'm already getting the birthday blahs and it's not helping that i'm out of work left to my own devices all day long.

I guess the biggest reason that I get all blahed out and down on my self around my birthday is because it's a reminder that I'm getting older. I see all the people around me and all that they've managed to accomplish by this point in their lives. When I was 25 I was rather down about my birthay and on my birthday decided to finish my degree, well three years later that was done... that's about the only thing that i've managed to glean in a positive light from this day. This year isn't much different especially since I'm finding myself out of work and I see some of my friends making really good money getting promotions and doing really well for themselves. I just wish that there was a magic formula that would help me achive some of the potential that I think I have. If anyone has this formula bottled, I'll take a couple cases.

Anyhow I should probably get back to looking for a job.