Friday, April 07, 2006


Well one of the things that I wanted to write about when I pulled together that huge list of topics was Drinking, specifically drinking too much. I figured that this is a good time to write about it considering this is my birthday weekend (well birthday party weekend) and there will be drinking and a fair bit of it at that. So I've been coming to the conclusion lately that I might drink too much. With that said I very rarely get drunk anymore simply because I know where the fuzzy line in the sand resides and I rarely cross it.

So what is this fuzzy line in the sand I refer to? well it's the point where you're no longer buzzed or lightly drunk but you've become sloppy drunk. This is the point where you simply don't remember what happened the night before or you did some really stupid shit or better yet you throw up a technicolor rainbow. For me it's typically I can't remember things which is very disturbing or on the odd occasion I'll throw up either way I don't really like the feeling the next morning. So I've found this point that I can drink to or rate I can drink at where this doesn't happen (give or take 10-15 pints, more if it's a long night).

Which leads me to the point about drinking too much, there is a lot of wiggle room which isn't a good thing and when I was trying to keep a very keen eye on my finances I realized that a great deal of money was going on booze. So drinking 3-4 nights a week, rarely very hard but hard enough that a buzz is happening leads me to think that I drink a bit too much. Right now I think it's only really a concern when it comes to the wallet, but along with my fuzzy line in the sand that helps me keep my memory mostly intact I think I might need to start keeping an eye out on the sheere volume of booze, there's another much finer line that determines if you like to have a few drinks to have fun and one that means you're an alcoholic.

Maybe in the next week or two I'll try an experiment... try going dry for a few days maybe even a whole week.