Thursday, April 20, 2006

Finally went golfing!

Since my golf game for friday was cancelled and I had a bit of a rough day yesterday I decided to go golfing today. I know I really should be spending the time looking for a new job... but seriously the weather was fucking gorgeous and it's supposed to start getting crappier and cooler over the next couple days. So I called up got a tee time and ended up playing a round with one the guys that works at this golf course.

I played like crap! But it didn't matter at all since I was on the golf course enjoying the beautiful weather without a worry in the world. I always find it strange how relaxing and tiring a golf game can be. Yes I know the terms are somewhat contradictory but if you think about it you get a repreive from the world around you so you get a chance to relax a bit but at the same time walking a course and swining the club for hours on end does get tiring. I have to say I thuroughly enjoyed today.

Now for some drinking before the weekend!