Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So my goal over the next couple of days is to be somewhat productive, search the job boards, go to the jobfair on tomorrow and thursday and apply to a few jobs. I've got my to-do list for today done and I've somewhat planned out my day. My reward for doing all of this? Golfing! A buddy from my old work popped on MSN yesterday and suggested going golfing.

I never thought I would like golfing but I really do, though I'm not good at it. Last year I only got out two times for the whole year. This year I'm hoping will be a little different. If I somehow get the job I interviewed for last week I've got one of my favorite golf courses 5 minutes away not to mention the driving range which is 2 minutes away. Now I'm not one of those obsessed with golf types, I just enjoy playing. So I've gotta make sure I get cracking this week so I can go drinking... I mean golfing.