Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In a mad Panic

The past couple days have been crazy as wittnesed by the simple writing of this note. I didn't even get a chance to finish the bloody sentence and a recruiter called for a screening interview. *sigh* I guess this is all good news but damned it's hectic. So the past couple days have been one big rat race though I do have to say I ended up having a very nice birthday and I got smashed out of my gourd. I stopped myself because I was at the point that if I had one more drink I would simply throw up. And no hangover the next day.

Though the next day I went to that outplacement firm that my former company had arranged for me and did a battery of tests as part of a personality assessment. That was pretty neat though towards the end of the tests my brain was starting to go a bit jello like. The end result was I'm in the right field and I should avoid certain types of work environments because they will tend to bore me. I'm looking forward to getting the full write up next week sometime.

Which leads me to the next item, while I was doing this battery of tests one of the companies I was speaking to called me to schedule an interview. Then by the time I got home my interview for tomorrow was confirmed. So today has been a day of preparation and picking up suits and all sorts of craziness. The biggest scary item is the fact that i've got to give a presentation to a pannel of people as part of tomorrows interview (and I'm procrastinating putting it together right now).

I'm already looking forward to the weekend and I'm not even working right now!!