Friday, April 28, 2006

Iraq - why should I care anymore?

Ok I've had this thought rattling around in the back of my brain for the past little while and that thought is I've become totally desensytized to the whole Iraq situation. I just don't care what happens there anymore. And I think that's a bad thing; there are people dying each and every day there; people from the US but a lot more peole from Iraq. We're shown graphic images (or they filter to us somehow) and we know that the whole country is a mess.

The worst part of the whole situation is that it's very easy to look at the reasons for the whole war as a farce. Seriously, there were no weapons of mass destruction and haven't been for quite a while. So why did dumbass, I mean president Bush, want to attack them so badly? Terrorists are a very good excuse to stick your military into a very oil rich country.

Seriously even if there was very convincing evidence for sending in the troops the compounded problems that the country and whole region have witnessed as a result is enough to make you shake your head. There's no reason to be there anymore... it's turning into vietnam in the desert. This is what people were worried about the during the first gulf war; now it's true. And after hearing about it day after day I just don't care anymore and I feel bad for all the people living there that are subjected to the stupidity that is this whole mess.