Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Long Absence

Shit I wanted to write about why there's been such a long absence since my last post but I've already rewritten the fucking sentence three times. I've been in a funk and I had nothing even remotely positive to say so I just decided that the best option would be to go *poof* for a couple days and stay away. It's helped and I think i've gotten a good grasp on the part of the problem. The past couple weeks I've essentially stayed at home unless I had something to do or an interview to go to. Let me tell you, I don't do staying at home for extended periods of time well. The lack of social interaction and the sitting there just drove me into a nice funk that I'm just now slowly climbing out of.

Do I think I'll be able to post regularily again? Yeah I think so. Enough of this moping shit, time to break up my days, get out a bit durring the day and start seting some goals in this retarded job hunt. I need one of those magic solutions in a bottle, but I know that's not happening.

Anyhow I should get back to sifting through the mass of emails that's collected over the past couple days. Two accounts down one left. Am I a geek for having three busy main accounts for my email? (we'll ignore the 3 not busy ones I rarely use).