Thursday, April 27, 2006

Peoplewatching - the spectator sport

Yeah I know I'm blogging stupidly early for someone who can sleep till noon. But I've been up since 6 already gone jogging and just drained my second mug of coffee... and the wierdest thing, I woke up this morning with an Avril song stuck in my head. How fucking weird is that.

Anyhow I wanted to write about peoplewatching since in about an hour I'll be partaking in this rather entertaining sport. I've always loved to watch people and see what kinda stuff they do, just seeing them going about their business oblivious to your observation. You can see some of them are having great days... there's a bounce in their step, a smile and then there's those who are obviously having a bad day so bad in fact that sometimes the storm cloud is having a tough time keeping up with them. But mostly you just get to see people in the midst of their lives; a snippet of a couple seconds where you can make an observation, make a judgement, and invent a story for that person.

Now taking these individuals and watching them en mass is fascinating, people who don't know each other impact each other more than they could imagine. It's almost like watching a sociology project. Take for example a busy intersection (like yonge and bloor in TO) and watch a hot chick walk by, the others around them will react both men and women. I don't know maybe I'm strange but it's fun to watch the interactions and the snippets of individuals lives.

Not to mention it's fun seeing what these crazy people wear, sometimes it's scary.

Anyhow time to get outa here... cheers