Monday, April 17, 2006

Unemployment and Organization

So I managed to get myself a couple of interviews over the past week or so and I was preparing for them but that doesn't account for the fact that I've slowly stopped looking as hard for a job as I should be. I've gotten lazy. Now granted the past couple weeks/weekends have been rather busy with a birthday and the whole holiday thing happening but that still doesn't excuse me from not really looking all that hard for a job.

Now that the problem has been identified it's about time to start fixing it wouldn't you think? Well at least that's what my brain told me. I got home today from my interview during which I got the impression that either the job had already been placed and they were being nice to me by interviewing me or for whatever reason they really didn't like me all that much. I just goofed around for a bit. Then my brain asked me why am I not doing something about being unemployed. And I did.

I started with probably the most improtant part... I got organized. And now I've got a plan of attack for tomorrow. But I have to say that this whole looking for work thing is quite demoralizing. The moment you start to slip on the looking for work thing it just gets easier and easiser to not look as hard. Especially if a prospect comes up. Time to finish off a few things and poke around on the job boards... tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day (and yes I've set aside some time for blogging)