Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend update

I've gotta say that this weekend was a particularily busy one even though there was some lazy bits during it. Friday night we left the city a bit early heading up towards the Ottawa area, well closer to Renfrew would be more accurate. My GF's cousin just got himself a new house and had invited us up. Leaving the city wasn't much of a problem nor was the drive out to past Bellville, a little rain not much more. Well after we got off the 401 things got hairy. The rain with the reminants of the snow and the temperature falling caused mist to start forming. It would have been someone cool if it was an occasional whisp of mist but, oh no, that would be easy. Around 7pm the mist started getting so bad that the road became virtually invisible and driving speed was reduced to less than 20 at times. So a 4-4.5 hour drive turned into just under 7 hours. Needless to say I needed a beer after that, a few actually. And that was friday.

Saturday was the mostly lazy day though we did drive up to Foymount to check out the creepy looking deserted appartment buildings. The whole settlement was build by the canadian covernment in the 1950's as a radar station. But in the 70s they abandoned the station and the town for the most part. Now it's a small villiage with a few people living in the houses and the appartament buildings they had there are comletely empty and derelict. It's creepy looking especially since it was raining and dreary out. I found a picture that's pretty telling:

The rest of the saturday was mostly spent drinking though were did pop over to the Indian Reservation to buy smokes, I got a carton of smokes for 18$ which would have amounted to two packs anywhere else. That part was a little sureal as well. But back to the drinking, we drank and played poker with my GF's cousin and his fiancee till 3 in the morning.

When we managed to get up around 11 am the sun was out and the weather was beautiful. I'm sure that Foymount place wouldn't have looked nearly as creepy in the sun. But we had to get back because I had a hockey game. Well the drive back was a bit more pleasant than the drive up and we ended up winning our playoff game, too bad I won't be able to play in the finals.

Anyways that was my weekend, hope everyone had a good weekend as well.