Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A busy week... sort of

So as it turns out I've got a busy half a week already. One meeting with one of the companies that is potentially looking to hire me yesterday. An interview first thing this morning and then a second interview tomorrow! So all in all I've got to say that this week is starting far better than last week where I was struggling just to get myself together.

Yesterday's meeting I was asked to come in for a meeting, just to sit in and listen in as this one company was starting their negotiations for some enterprise software. That was pretty neat though I did find it funny that the business development dude was refusing to give details without a non-disclosure agreement yet they've told me all sorts of details an haven't made me sign one. But I'm not going to say anything, especially if they're looking to possibly hire me.

As for today's and tomorrow's interviews. Today's sounds interesting it's a project management position but it's tomorrow's that I'm really interested in because it's a second interview. The company interviewed me once already for three hours and I got a good vibe so I'm not certain what this meeting is all about; is it going to be a quick fluf type interview where I meet with a higher level exec type person to make sure that I'm the right person for the job or am I going to go through a second round of grilling. Either way this is a very cool thing because I really want this job (twist my arm and pay me lots while making me fly to france once in a while).

Anyhow I should probably start getting ready. My weekend was quiet and I saw a movie (two if you cound thursday), the movies were 'Stick it' and 'The Inside Man', I'll try to post reviews later today. Wish me luck in this mornings interview.