Thursday, May 04, 2006

Catching up on blog reading

I've had one of those busy weeks where you don't have the time to take a breath let alone do anything else. Thankfully today has been a bit quieter. About fucking time if you ask me. So what was the first thing I actually did when I sat down at the computer? You better beleive I started getting caught up on all my blog reading. Damn you people write a lot! It took me almost two hours to finish going through my regular daily reads. I should avoid this whole being busy thing.

The thing that I'm amazed by is how a simple blog can keep you interesed and keep you coming back for more. And it's not always the blogs that write about sex or sports that keep me coming back; it's the ones that are real. You get a slice of a person's life when you read their blogs; you get thoughts, opinions and sometimes a rundown of what they've been doing. I was thinking about this and I like the blogging world because of the reality factor; you get to read some crazy ass stories with some real characters in them and the best part is that some of this shit would be too far out for TV sitcoms even though it's funny and real.

Anyhow enough typing about this... time for breakfast or a beer (one of them)