Thursday, May 18, 2006

First Day Went Well

Well I wasn't quite certain what to expect of yesterday other than I would be bombarded with infromation from all sides. And let me tell you that I was. I've got a stack of reading material that's probably close to 200 pages of reading and this is only the very top level of info on the project.

Other than this the two people I'm going to be working with are cool, one is quiet and collected and the other slightly crazy. They both know what they're doing so it should be pretty interesting. From the few other people that I met they all seem pretty nice and I think I'll fit in quite well.

BUT the drive home yesterday blew moldy chunks... even if had gone straight home it would have taken me close to an hour and a half (but I needed to stop my parents). It better not be this bad today. I'm so looking forward to the long weekend (which starts tomorrow for me... *grin*)