Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The first day!

I'm all dressed and ready to go for my first day at the office! About fucking time I was back to doing the employed thing. Though I'm still doing the slightly apprehensive thing; then again it is the first day of a new job it makes sense. I want to make sure that I fit in well and that I can do the job well first day there. I'm sure I'll do fine but that doesn't alleviate the slight apprehension... think of it as the first day of going to school at a new school.

So I'll have to post a recount of what happened even if I'm thinking I won't do much more than get aquainted with the people I'm going to work with and start settling in. Thankfully the coffee machine is close by. I wonder just how bad the traffic is going to be?

Oh and the offical day for quitting smoking has been moved to Thursday (mostly because my GF and I wanted to quit at the same time and she's wasn't quite ready on Monday). This is cool because I was intending to quit the day before the long weekend anyways.

Ok... time to finish getting ready. Wish me luck people, I'm going in.