Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Interviews!

So far this week I've had one initial interview and one second interview. The initial interview went really well and I think I've got a pretty good chance at either getting the job or a second interview. The second interview, which I just got back from was another three hour affair with this company and it was a bit bitter sweet.

On one end they really like me and think I would be really good there but this is for a lower position than what I applied for and what I initially interviewed for. The good side to this is that what they are looking for in the more senior role is a lot and I'd be hard pressed to be able to do it; at least right from the get go. But the company is a good one and I would be given the opportunity to grow so even the lower position sounds very appealing (though the money might not be quite as high as I would like... but I think it would be fun)

Now I promissed a review of some movies so I'll start cracking on those; maybe I'll even get them posted today. And for those of you in southern ontario.. enjoy the fucking gorgeous weather if you can! It's supposed to get colder on the weekend.