Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Past Few Days

So what's been happening with me over the past couple days? Well not too much but I wanted to give a bit of an update post (mostly so I can go back at some point in the future and go damn.... you really didn't do too much then).

We already know that the computer decided to go fuck itself... and it fucked itself pretty damned hard. It took me two days and a new hard drive to get it up and running (posted about it yesterday). I was able to rescue most of the data; actually all of it which is nice. But the nasty thing is that I spent tons of time trying to get the stupid 300 GB hard drive working so that I could actually use all the space on it. Apparently early versions of Windows 2000 (original, SP1 and SP2) didn't recognize hard drives over 137GB in size. This is fucking retarded. What kind of a retard would set an upper limit on something like technology?? About the only thing that I've got left to do is to reinstall all the apps that I had running on it.

I've also come to realize that I need to start backing shit up more frequently, just in case the computer decides to pooch itself again. I don't really care about having to reinstall stuff but I've got about 2 gigs of pictures that i would rather not loose (no I still won't post a pic of myself).

Other than the computer it looks like I might have a job! This is good news; I talked to the company yesterday and all the paperwork approving my positition and salary are done now all that needs to be done is for a start date to be confirmed and for me to sign the offer letter. This is fucking awesome news! On the annoying note I tried doing some shopping so I've got some nice clothes to wear at the office and apparently I'm too big for some of the clothes at Sears. The lady had the audacity of telling me they've got a big and tall section. Ok I'm 6'1-6'2 (so I'm tall but not THAT tall) and I weigh 215lbs so I'm not overweight but not thin. So why the fuck do I not fit into their extra large dress shirts? Although I am a big person I'm not that big nor am I strange and excessively large. I guess I'll have to shop at Tip Top or Harry Rosen where their sizes are more exact. Ok enough bitching about this.

What else happened, umm not much I caved to the whole smoking thing again though I didn't really want to quit this time. I'll post about this later on today because there's a plan in the works. I saw MI:3 (ok - but nothing special). Drank, ate, and just generally chilled. The next few days should be nice and quiet without doing the job hunting thing for a change. It'll be nice. Hopefully my start date for the new job is after the long weekend.

Ok time to start installing things on the comp.