Monday, May 29, 2006

Silence with a reason

You know I wanted to blog about the stupidity that was the fucking retarded strike by the TTC but I'm going to refrain; not because I don't have something to say about it because I totally do, but because there's been a boat load of shit happening in my life.

So we all know about the new job I've got well it's going pretty damned well because I've been so busy justy trying to get caught up to what's going on that I haven't had time to blog at all. This is something that I've been truely enjoying, seriously coming from a job where I could scratch my balls till they were raw this is a challenge. This is challenging and it's keeping me on my toes all the time. I'm really enjoying that part; do I think this will remain the case for an indefinite period of time? No I'll get bored there too; but it'll take a year to a year and a half or even maybe two to get there. But at least I know this now so I'll be able to look for the warning signs and skeedadle before it gets ugly like the last fuck hole, I mean job.

Other than the job we went away for the long weekend and let me tell you seeing snow for the may 24 weekend even if it's wet snow is something that is just fundamentally wrong. So what did I do? well helped burn lots of wood and pounded back about two 24's of beer in about 3 days while a lot of people stayed way too sober for their own good and huddled in sleeping bags. Needless to say there was no swimming but it was fun regardless.

Which leads me to the conversation my GF and I were having on the drive back home and that conversation was about how much we'd like a cottage. So that evening I was looking at the postings online and guess what I found? A cottage on Georgean Bay that was in our price range (this should read to you - pretty much free) and I found one!

So last weekend we went right back up to the parry sound area and looked at the cottage. It's not perfect but it's pretty damned nice; the lady who's selling it is older and just wants to get rid of the place. So we put an official offer on the place today. This is way too fucking exciting since it'll mean I'll be up at the cottage working on my tan every weekend from about march till november and whenever the ice is solid enough to walk on. We're both pretty stoked about it. But as you can see a job that actually requies me to do stuff, a potential cottage and well the FUCKING traffic in toronto has kept me from recreational browsing and kept me away from my beloved blog. If I've got readers left that's what's been keeping my time lately. As a parting shot here's a pic from the cottage: