Friday, May 12, 2006

The Smoking Plan

Better late than never right? I was intending to get this down yesterday but going out to sign the offer letter along with the excitement of the day kinda kept me busy. So the smoking plan is thus:

As of Monday I become a non smoker... I am stopping smoking on Monday and I'm going to enjoy putting out my last smoke. This isn't an attempt to quit because those are hard. I'm just going to stop. The good thing is that my GF is also quiting so there won't be any temptation.

I don't enjoy smoking, never really have. So it would be a natural conclusion to quit since it's costing me loads of money and has a chance of seriously hurting my health or even killing me and I don't even like it. Now most smokers have a few triggers that get them to light up for me boredom is definitely one of them. Now that I'm about to start a job this isn't going to be a real concern anymore (which will be nice). So starting monday I'm done.