Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tomorrow's the big day!

You know I didn't think I would be all apprehensive about starting working again but strangely I find that I am. Then again I've never taken a job where I know ahead of schedule that I'm actually going to be forced to learn and get up to speed on something super riddiculously fast; I'm definitely going to have to do that in this job. I'm actually looking forward to that but it's also causing the Butterflies in the stomach; kinda like the first day of school flutterbies.

Along with that there's the whole will I be able to get everyone to do what they need to do? I'm certain I can but what if I don't mesh with everyone the way I would like to and I have to work on it? What if someone doesn't like me and tries to make my life difficult? Normally I wouldn't give a shit by my job is going to be making people do stuff I say in the order I say it without actually having them report to me (so I'll be telling them what to do even though their bosses might say different). I'm also not going to be coding anything!! ABOUT FUCKING TIME... woops did I say that out loud? You know I might even get to start programming at home again because you know as much as I didn't like doing it at home I did like it before I started working. It was a hobby back then.

Finally the last and probably biggest issue.. the actual going into the office. It's been about two months since I did the whole working thing, it might take some time to adjust to. Shit it took me a month + to get used to the whole being at home deal. Then again I did go stir crazy after a couple weeks so I can see why this took a while. I guess the really good thing is that I'm going to be in the office for a grand total of two days this week and four next week, that should give me some time to adjust to the working thing (and give me some time to figure out what it is I'm going to need to learn).

I'm looking forward to this... I'm going to rock this job; I'm not giving myself options.