Monday, June 26, 2006


So this has been a pretty eventful weekend and for good reason. Friday evening I proposed to my girlfriend. This meant phone calls and then more phone calls and dinner with parental type units as well as friends and let’s not forget lots of drinking. Just because I’m sure some will be curious; I proposed in the park by our place. It was all very simple (kind of like me at times)… I got down on one knee and asked will you marry me. That’s it. Oh, she said yes.

In other words it was a pretty fucking amazing weekend. No plans for the wedding yet; but magazines have been purchased and looked at. The idea is a beach wedding.

Though I’m thinking a bit too much food and booze! I have to agree with some of my sentiments from last week it’s really time to start taking care of myself a bit better. On that note I smoked my last smoke yesterday evening. Now I can’t wait for the gunk to leave my system and so that I can stop hacking shit up and be able to breathe.

Time to do some work.