Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Look out world...

I woke up this morning feeling distinctly homicidal… now don’t take that literally but I woke up in a particularly foul mood and I’ve been trying ever since to get out of it and not to actually rip some peoples heads off. To top this off I also woke up really fucking tired. This I don’t get HOW THE FUCK CAN I BE TIRED AFTER SLEEPING 7 HOURS?

Can someone please explain this to me. Oh and I’m not talking just I’m a little tired; I’m talking the burning eyes and feeling like I’ve been awake for 48 hours feeling. Those still in Uni should know the feeling… think studying for an exam and what you feel like as you’re about to go in after cramming for 2 days solid. Mixed in with uber-grumpiness that’s my morning so far… And there’s no reason at all for any of this.

I shouldn’t be in a pissy mood (though I think it’s diminishing… I’m just waiting for a couple annoying people at work to bring it back to full) and I shouldn’t be tired. But both are truly prevalent this morning. *sigh* OK bitching session done; time to get some work done.