Thursday, June 01, 2006

So it looks like we got it!

Well I don't like saying something before it's in writing but we got a verbal acceptance of our offer for the cottage! Between being insanely busy trying to get adjusted at work and dealing with the whole cottage deal I've not had much time for everything.

I didnt' think it would be quite this exciting to get a property. But it is, we're likely to take posession before the end of the month and then it'll be friday nights fighting through traffic to get to the cottage. I'm so stoked, and the best part is that every person that we show pictures to thinks we're getting a great deal.

Ok enough about the cottage for a sec. I got hired as a project manager a couple weeks ago... today my boss resigned. This kinda freaked me out until I realized that I'm actually replacing a consultant and they're not likely to get rid of me. But this really cought me a bit off guard. I'm liking the job and my days fly by at an alarming rate (hence no mid day updates) I wouldn't want to loose this position because of politics at the office.

Anyhow the beer is talking and the bed is calling...