Saturday, June 03, 2006

Terrorists in Canada?

Ok, Canada isn't perfect but it's not a bad place. People are generally treated fairly and we're not galavanting around the globe trying to ensure we have our noses in everything. We went to Afganistan and we're still there but other than that we have very little to do with Iraq and most of the people that I know up here think that it was a mistake for the US to invade Iraq and the whole situation is a mess that isn't likely to be resolved any time soon. Toronto is the biggest melting pot of culters that I've seen in my travels; granted I haven't been to that many place but I have been around a bit and this is truely a multicultural city. People accept each other and are typically accepting of each others as human beings.

So when I found out this morning that the RCMP arrested 17 people who were planning on carrying out terrorist bombings in Ontario I was a little shocked. This group of people were planning on killing people because they felt Muslims weren't being treated fairly around the globe. Guess what most Canadians would agree with you. Canada has remained fairly neutral when it comes to most issues dealing with Iraq, Iran and is trying to play a helpful role in Afganistan. How do you think the world will react if you try killing Canadians? Creating terror in canada and Toronto will draw the worlds attention and will likely make it more difficult for muslims around the globe not better. You're not going to call attention to mistreatment by killing people.

Canada maybe associated very closely with the United States and although our countries are very tightly linked from business to culture but they are still separate nations. Please don't blame us for the actions of others, we try to help where we can and not judge.

Sadly the article that I read on Yahoo about these arrests clearly indicated that many of the people in this group were canadians. What's wrong with you? What crimes have been commited against you that makes you want to destroy life and create terror in a country that has ensured you are educated, looked after from a well being stand point and safe? Argh I have never understood the need to commit attrocites and I'm glad that these people got caught I hope they rot in jail if they are found guilty.