Monday, June 19, 2006

This past weekend!

Well my GF and I decided that since we didn’t get the cottage that we wanted to get away for a vacation. Initially I was thinking of popping down to the florida keys for a 4 day weekend but we decided to stay in Ontario, closer to home and instead of 4 days 3 nights we did 5 days and 4 nights. We finally decided on going to the Delawana resort in Honey Harbour and I have to say it was really nice. It was a great deal of doing nothing at all. The resort was mostly inclusive since all our food was taken care of. The only thing they didn’t cover is the cost of booze, which kind of makes sense if you want to stay in business.

So the net result was 4 days of chilling, drinking wine (from the LCBO not the resort) and just having fun. It was pretty fucking relaxing and I think we both needed the weekend off from all the drama that was surrounding us in the past few weeks. I’m back at the office… yes writing a blog entry but to fuck with it; a 5 minute entry isn’t going to kill anyone and it lets me put thoughts to paper.

The only thing I have to say about the Delawana is that it’s expensive, all told for the 4 nights with food we paid just over 2 grand. But the place was pretty nice, pools, swimming areas, golf (which I just couldn’t be bothered to partake in… I was being lazy). I have to say that the money was worth it, the food was amazing and the staff accommodated pretty much every need we had.

I was disappointed by one thing and it had nothing to do with the resort; I was hoping to propose to my GF while up there but the ring wasn’t ready and for as much as I wanted to do it without the ring it wasn’t going to happen. Now I’ve got to come up with some creative way of proposing in and around the city. *sigh* now it’s going to be a challenge.

On a complete side note there was an older couple at the resort in the same little building as us and just as we were getting ready to head out yesterday morning they asked me to take their picture. I gladly took it and they told me that they were there for their 50th anniversary and that 50 years ago they were at the same resort for their honeymoon. This was very cool! If I was the resort I’d give them their stay for free.

Ok I should get back to doing that work thing. Update later.