Friday, June 30, 2006

Why I don't Blog sometimes

Yesterday was a perfect example of a day that comes up and makes me take a step back and go *ARG* Fuck it I'm going for a beer. You see nothing actually went bad or wrong... except I was stuck in traffic for over 2 hours on my way home. Now lets put this into context; when there is no traffic on my way to work its been as fast as 20 minutes and in regular traffic on my way home it's TYPICALLY about 45-60 minutes. So the drive time isn't perfect!

So what's the kicker?

There was absolutely no reason for my over two hour drive home. NONE! I was listening to the traffic on the news radio station and they didn't mention the route I was on as one with a problem. Which begs the question why the fuck was I in traffic for that long? Well surely it can't be the fact that there was construction; that's been going on for months and normally traffic keeps moving.

Therefore I'm chalking yesterday up to an anomally that I hope doesn't happen again because it's so frustrating it makes me forget ideas I had that I wanted to blog about. So there you have it... the wonderful hours I spent yesterday bonding (literally) with the seat of the car, can sometimes make me forget what I wanted to write about.