Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Yet another update… days late

So things with me have been more than a little hectic of late; we tried to get the cottage and failed for stupid reasons. Then we started planning a short trip but alas I’m new at work and there’s a lot of changes so I can’t justify taking a whole week off. But I am taking some time off and for good reason (This update will come when we get back)

The time off after the last few weeks is super necessary; I feel the stress in my shoulders and my neck increasing each day. I don’t think it would be half as bad if it wasn’t for the stupid cottage drama that occurred. But that’s done now it’s time to start saving some money to either buy a bigger condo (or a house) next year or to buy a cottage (again next year). If all goes well things will start becoming a bit more normal for me; even though work will be incredibly busy for the next few months.

Speaking of work I haven’t given much of an update when it comes to this; I’m currently working with two women, one of them leaves on Thursday and the other a month later. That month can’t come soon enough unfortunately. She’s driving me up the wall. But all that aside I’m enjoying the work and it’s keeping me quite engaged (this is far better than the last place)

One last thing… the world cup is on and Poland has decided that getting to the tournament is enough of an accomplishment or so it seems considering they lost to Ecuador (they should have won the game). The nice thing is I’ve got an excuse to go to the sports bar during lunch to watch the game… and surprisingly I’m not having a beer with my lunch, mostly because it would just keep me there longer and be too expensive.

I guess I should get back to work for a bit… then I get to watch France play Switzerland for about an hour.