Monday, July 31, 2006

Back to Normal

Well things are mostly back to normal; at least for me. Than you for all the folks that posted their condolences, actually most of the people that learnt the news were really supportive which is nice. I get to take care of my parent’s plants and cats for the next few weeks while they fly over to Europe and take care of all the necessary things as well as attend the funeral. The good thing is that I don’t loose the weekend at the cottage for the long weekend as a result of this. I really need to get away from things and just chill for a couple days.

But in the mean time I said things are back to normal so the grand experiment resumes today and will continue until Friday were the cottage weekend takes priority. The good news is that both my GF and I felt a lot better not drinking for a few days, so much so that I’m quite tempted to take a longer break including weekends! I’m curious just how much of an impact this would make. On the working out front I’ve gotten to the point where I actually want to work out and I’m going to try getting myself to the gym before driving the parental units to the airport later this evening. This is a rather drastic change on my part; I used to hate going to the gym with such a passion that I never thought I’d ever become a regular at our buildings gym.

I guess I should get back to doing the whole work thing.