Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Experiment: Day 3

Well what can I say, work has been rather busy the past couple days but we've managed to keep the no drinking and going to the gym experiment going. I'm starting to feel a bit better and I get the impression that my body is starting to normalize. Kind of a strange sensation, lets see how I feel by the time friday rolls around? I'm hoping that this trend continues at least to some extent.

I've tried cutting back on the smoking but to be perfectly honest I've stuggled with it more than I would have liked. In my head I set the tuesday after the long weekend as the day I wanted to quit and every pseudo attempt in the interim has met with furstration and struggles. I think I'm going to try cutting back a bit and just stick to that date as the official end date and stick to it. With the attempts to quit smoking comes the mild sensation of hunger... BUT the whole not drinking thing has also made me hungry as hell but I've been attibuting it to the smoking. In reality I'm thinking it's somewhere between the two of them and it's partially showing just how much I was taking in in calories from drinking.

Finally the going to the gym part I've managed to keep up. Golfing on Sunday and the gym every day this week since. About 20-25 minutes of cardio with some ab work. Today was the hardest day yet and I wasn't able to get my customary 60 crunches in but I figured I've been hitting it pretty hard and there's no point overdoing it. I'm thinking thursday or friday might be a day off. I guess we'll see.

Ok I think it's time to find some roadkill... I mean food.