Monday, July 10, 2006

Feeling like ass!

You know I’m sure that if I were to tell people that I’m hung over today the very first thing that they’re going to think is that I was out celebrating the Italian win yesterday but this is quite untrue. I did watch parts of the game though not all of it and I was rooting for the French not the Italians. The GF and I simply had a couple pitchers of barley soup topped off with a couple bottles of wine for no real good reason other than we wanted to. I doubt either one of us wanted to feel the way we do this morning… and let me tell you that is very foul right now. I’m sure it’ll pass but before it does I seriously feel like I need to go back to sleep and for those curious as to the type of hangover that I’m currently suffering it’s not the blistering headache but more of the stomach queasiness that I’m coping with at the moment.

OK I need to get some shit done for work but I still want to post about the soccer game and the celebrations…. So that’ll be later. Now I need some coffee.

Oh, since I’m hurting this morning a nice hangover remedy would be in order! What do all of you readers do when you’re deathly hung-over and need to recover?