Monday, July 24, 2006

The Grand Experiment

Well I mentioned earlier today that my GF and I were partaking in a rather grandiose experiment but I think I should preface the experiment first. Well for those that have been reading this site for a while you already know that I’ve been trying to take a bit better care of myself by trying to go to the gym regularly and cut back on the smoking. Part of the things that I’ve noticed is that I’ve been drinking way too much alcohol. So much so that there are times where I can go 5-10 days straight with a drink only to have a day off and the process starts again. Now I haven’t been drinking myself into silliness but I have been drinking at least one and typically a few.

I have come to the conclusion and my GF agrees that this is a bit much. I’m looking at this from a few points of view:
  1. It’s really fucking expensive – Part of the reason that I noticed this is that I’ve been keeping tabs on my spending and I’ve noticed a great deal of money is oozing out of my account for alcohol.

  2. It’s not healthy – You know I like having a few drinks but drinking as often as I do isn’t a good thing. I rarely drink myself to the point of being drunk but that doesn’t mean that the quantity I’ve been drinking is good for me. I’m convinced that I’d loose some weight if I did this.

So now onto the grand experiment! Since cutting alcohol out entirely would really be a challenge and one I’m not really interested in trying right now the experiment is thus: During the week try not to drink and only drink on the weekends. This means from Sunday through till end of working day Friday there will be no alcohol. Now before you dismiss this as a paltry thing realize that on any given week this could be as much as 4-5 bottles of wine. Typically a bit less but it could also be more.

The purpose of this little experiment is to see how we feel. Will this help us in going to the gym? Will this help in cutting back and removing the smoking entirely? Will this help me loose some weight? I’ve written this experiment mostly in terms of me since my GF doesn’t drink nearly as much but she’s interested in trying the experiment as well (which will make it easier for me too!) We’ll see in a few weeks (and the upcoming long weekend is off limits! There will be mucho booze that weekend).

And to give credit where it’s due this experiment is partially as a result of posts from one of my favorite blogs, Captain Bee, he’s trying 30 days without booze if I remember correctly.