Friday, July 07, 2006

Impending Weekend!

What a wearying week, I know for most of us it was only a four day work week which is a good thing normally. But for me that meant that I really needed to get 5 days worth of work done in only 4. As its now mid afternoon on Friday I’m finally starting to wind down a little from the week and I’m really looking forward to the weekend (starting the moment I arrive at home – well almost).

The weather looks absolutely fucking amazing so that means PATIOS and backyards! With a nice beer-y beverage in hand playing some cards or just sitting around doing pretty much fuck all, but I’m also already planning the small little things around the house that I want to get done. I know I’m neurotic that way but when you’re busy with work you don’t get as much of a chance to do the necessary things to keep you alive and functioning.

Also the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel opens up today and there are plans set in place to go see it tomorrow. I know it’s a movie and having that as a highlight of the weekend is pretty tame in comparison to partying all night trying to pick up at a club or whatnot but I want to see this movie; it should be a lot of fun. Ok now I’m just thinking about having myself a nice cold one of these: