Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to work

So I didn’t take much in the way of pictures this weekend and the couple that I did take were of clouds. I just wasn’t in much of a photographic mood. The whole weekend was pretty toned down by usual standards; no one was really interested in drinking or being entertaining. The weekend was nice and relaxing swimming and vegging out.

But I should have taken some pictures of the traffic that we were stuck in on the drive up. I haven’t been in traffic that bad in my whole life. A 5km stretch of road (if that) took about 5 hours to drive through. The road was closed off and apparently they were letting people through but from the parked state of the car for 30-40 minutes on end I don’t think it was happening. The best part was the fact that our friends left the city 3 hours behind us and managed to be only 45 minutes behind us by the time we go to the marina.

I should really get back to doing some of that work stuff before I have to feed the cats. I will see what pics I managed to get on the camera and see if there is anything worth posting up when I get home tonight.