Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Hump Day

Yep its that magical day of the work week, hump day, it has two benefits: 1st it’s the middle of the fucking week and you know that after today there is only one day of serious work (Thursday) and Friday which is more of a preparation for the weekend anyways. And the 2nd benefit its called hump day… what other excuse do you need to turn a day into an excuse to get laid?

Ok, I’ve been a bit busy at work the past couple days so I haven’t had much of a chance to post. The weekend was really tiring, but the boat is mostly ready to be put into the water. I’ve got a bunch of painting and varnishing of some wooden pieces that needs to be done before we get her on the water. But this is pretty cool that we might have the boat ready to go for our vacation later this month.

As for the grand experiment… this week it simply hasn’t been happening. But I think we will reset on Monday. But on a good note the smoking is much less, I haven’t been smoking during the day when I’m at the office and only a handful at home. I’m thinking that if I can keep this up I’ll get used to not having one during the day which will make it a bit easier cutting them outright.