Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Long Day at the Office

Yes I am taking a break from work to write a post! OOOH Bad employee.

Ok there’s a reason for this, tonight there’s a meet and greet with the president and he’s taking us out for drinks and some food. This is a good enough reason to stick around especially since I’ve worked here for 3 months and never met the man until today. But with that said being at the office from 8 until 7 is a really bloody long day and I’ve gotten to that point where I simply need a break… not a smoke break type of break but a real one, like lunch break.

It makes me wonder how some people stick around the office for hours on end plugging away at their work. Are they that engrossed in what they’re doing that they can do this? Or are they simply staying there because they don’t want to be somewhere else? I know the keeners are truly doing stuff but are they still all that effective after an 11 hour day? I’d say they’re not, conventional wisdom says that in a good day most people will work about 5-6 hours of actual working time for an 8 hour day. And lets not forget that skipping lunch to put more time in means that for the 5 hours you do from lunch on by skipping lunch translates to being less productive than if you were to take your lunch and work only 4 hours.

Organizational behaviour and the metrics of productivity have always interested me and it’s always interesting to see it in practice.

So note to yourself, don’t skip lunch unless there is a really good reason for it and when you do take your lunch break; take the hour they give you. There’s a reason for it and if you’re really keen on being productive you’ll notice that you’ll get more done.