Tuesday, August 22, 2006

She Floats!

So this weekend was a really tiring one in that we put the boat in the water. Remember the picture that I posted; now imagine that boat in the water with the mast up all happy as can be? Ok that’s literally what happened over the weekend. We managed to get her into the water with only a few minor problems such as I almost sank the car… too bad we don’t have a picture of me in a valiant attempt to drown the car.

Needless to say we managed to get the boat off her trailer and the car out of the water. I am starting to become convinced that I’ve got a two wheel drive instead of a 4x4 but this is a completely unrelated issue. We even went for a bit of a sail and a test of the motor. Both worked rather nicely with one small exception: the steering on the boat is sluggish at BEST. Needless to say on our vacation next week we’re going to end up doing what is called motor-sailing.

So what is motor sailing you ask? Well you put up one sail of the two that are typically on most sailboats and to help you along you turn the motor on. It’s a complete waste of gas in most cases but it definitely ensures that you get where you’re going in a decent amount of time.