Thursday, August 10, 2006

Too much apologizing.

I just witnessed something that brought to mind a topic that I’ve wanted to write a post about for a little while and that is Canadians apologizing for pretty much everything! Now I understand that in general you need to apologize in standard situations as an act of courtesy. For example if you’re walking in a crowd and you accidentally bump into someone, naturally you apologize for your transgression. Canadians, from what I’ve noticed like to apologize for almost anything that could potentially maybe be seen as ever so slightly offensive or negative.

But what I witnessed today was just mind boggling. On my way to the convenience store about 10 minutes ago I needed to walk out the revolving doors of the office. A man in a suit was walking in through the same door. I didn’t need to slow down or stop or anything of the sort I just continued to walk in the same straight line that I was intending to. About the only thing that I did was look at the man; that’s it. As he walked out of the revolving door just as I was about to enter he apologized.

Why the fuck would you apologize? What did you do that was so offensive that you needed to apologize? Did you fart in the fucking door?

Seriously people, we apologize a little bit too much. You don’t need to apologize to someone for almost maybe getting in their way but not quite close enough to make them move or change direction. Ok this rant is over and I’m not going to apologize for it, nor the swearing in it!