Thursday, August 03, 2006

The weekend is nigh!

It’s Thursday finally, and by this time tomorrow I will be packing up to sneak out of the office! Yes although I’ve only been with this company for a few months the long weekend is coming and I NEED to get out of the city and fast. As far as I know the food should be arriving a the cottage about now and the booze will be procured tonight (and hopefully sampled to some extent).

The grand experiment that we’ve been partaking in will simply resume starting on the Monday. Why Monday you ask? Well there’s still a chance that there might be a few beverages imbibed during the day but there’s a nice long drive (especially if there’s traffic) back to the city to feed the cats and start getting prepped for the week. So starting on the Monday I think I’m going to try going all the way to Friday before having my next drink and the gym… ahh the gym that I have a hate-hate affair with will be visited at least a couple times before the next weekend comes around.

So is 2 cases (24s) of beer plus 12 Strongbow ciders a bit much for 2 people? I’m thinking that this should be enough with some Baileys for the coffee in the mornings. Is this enough? or should I take up a spare 26er just in case?